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BRUSSELS Jean-Gabriel Pageau Senators Jersey , Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) has launched a mobile app called AirProbe to help the public track how much ozone, black carbon and other pollutants they are exposed to, according to an official statement issued on Thursday.

Partners from Belgium, Germany, Italy and Britain have developed this system to increase people’s awareness of their environment. More than 300 people in Antwerp Craig Anderson Senators Jersey , Kassel, Turin and London participated in the first tests.

The AirProbe app works together with a small battery-operated sensor box which connects to the phone via Bluetooth and can be easily carried by the users when they are out cycling or walking.

"Thanks to new technologies we are now firmly in the era of citizen science where everyone can create, collect and share data for the common good," European Commission Vice President and Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes said.

Another app named WideNoise which measures noise levels has already been used by more than 10,000 people and was at the centre of a study around Heathrow airport in London.

Data collected is available to all Ryan Dzingel Senators Jersey , citizens, authorities and scientists, so that they get a better picture of the environment.

Air pollution has been one of Europe's main political concerns since the late 1970s. Vehicles, industry, agriculture and homes are contributing to air pollution in Europe.

Despite falling emission levels and reduction of some air pollutant concentrations in recent decades Nate Thompson Senators Jersey , Europe's air pollution problem is far from solved.

Around 90 percent of city dwellers in the EU are exposed to one of the most damaging air pollutants at levels deemed harmful to health by the World Health Organization,according to a report published by European Environment Agency last year.

Early Photography and Gem Tintypes

Author: J.F. Borno

Okay, so maybe you are slightly familiar with early photography, but are unfamiliar with gem tintypes. What is a gem tintype? Well let's go ahead and define what a tintype is first. A tintype is a photograph that is on a thin piece of jappaned (enameled black) iron. Despite the name, it's actually not made of tin. Tintypes were invented in 1858 and were popular especially in the United States during the 1860's Zack Smith Senators Jersey , during the American Civil War. A tintype comes in different sizes but the most common size is about 2 12 inches by 3 12 inches. Many of the mid-nineteenth century photos you see in history books are copies from tintypes.
So what is a gem tintype? A gem tintype is a very small tintype. A popular comparison to its size is to a postage stamp, or anywhere from 12 inch to 1 14 inches. A gem tintype, also called a "gem", was able to be made because of multiplying cameras. Multiplying cameras basically were made by adding more lenses into the traditional camera box. Now, instead of producing a single image on a iron sheet Tom Pyatt Senators Jersey , multiple reflections of the same image were exposed onto a full sheet, only in smaller sizes. Once exposed, the sheet would be cut and the photos were handed to the subject, much like wallet size photos today.
Gems were usually portraits and were often mounted onto ornately-designed paper sleeves, lockets Bobby Ryan Senators Jersey , jewelry, or envelopes and mailed to loved ones. These were now cheaper than larger tintypes or any other form of photography at the time because they were so cheap and easy to produce. Because of this, many are now unidentified. Interestingly, as cheap as they were, often gems were still hand-tinted Kyle Turris Senators Jersey , or hand painted.
Gem tintypes are still fascinating to many photographers and early photograph collectors. Many photographers still practice the tintype collodion process while some modern artists even gather up lots of originals and cut up and paste them onto modern day jewelry to sell. Regardless of their ultimate fate, gem tintypes should be cherished in their time in photographic history and today as the historical treasures they are.

Article Source: http:www.articlesbaseantiques-articlesearly-photography-and-gem-tintypes-539519

About the Author:
J.F. Borno enjoys writing about early photographic processes and enjoys learning more about tintypes and   People watch 'The Anooki Shake Up' by French artists Moetu Batlle and David Passegand being projected onto the General Post Office building during the opening of Lumieres Hong Kong in the city's Central district

Glowing cartoon Inuits tumbled down Hong Kong's post office building and a forest of illuminated bamboo rods lit up the city centre as part of a visit by France's famous Lumieres festival.

Local and international artists joined the extension of Lyon's Fête des Lumières in a city well known for its ubiquitous neon signs, giant billboards, flashy skyscrapers and a nightly harbourfront light show.

The three-night show, which launched Thursday Chris Wideman Senators Jersey , saw light creations beamed onto some of Hong Kong's landmark heritage buildings, with other installations brightening shopping areas and parks.

Local artist Keith Lam said the festival went some way to addressing Hong Kong's lack of publicly accessible artworks.

"The streets and the public spaces in Hong Kong are so tight and dense and there are so many people, so it's a challenge to do public art," Lam told AFP.

Hong Kong currently lacks a world class art museum, and marquee exhibitions rarely make a stop in the southern Chinese city Dion Phaneuf Senators Jersey , where graffiti by high-profile artists is often removed and it can be difficult to secure permission for public shows.

Lam, a new media artist, displayed his "Heliocentric" installation which featured a three dimensional combination of rings laced with LED lights at the PMQ, a former police residence turned cr.

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