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  A Yutong bus runs on a road in Phnom Penh Authentic Kevin Shattenkirk Jersey , Cambodia, Jan. 5, 2018. Well-equipped with high-tech and air-cons, Chinese Yutong's "smart" buses have brought a safe and comfortable riding choice to passengers in Phnom Penh. (XinhuaSovannara)

PHNOM PENH, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) -- Well-equipped with high-tech and air-cons, Chinese Yutong's 'smart' buses have brought a safe and comfortable riding choice to passengers in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.

Donated by the Chinese government in July 2017 Authentic Chris Kreider Jersey , 98 buses have been used to serve passengers on five out of the eight main lines in the city, and have attracted hundreds of thousands of passengers each month.


Yutong's sales manager for Asia & Pacific Division Jiang Lin said the buses, designed based on the actual conditions of Phnom Penh, had been equipped with intelligent management system and air-cons, and they were capable of carrying 80 passengers each, including 35 seating and 45 standing.

"Phnom Penh experiences both wet and dry seasons with a hot climate Authentic Marc Staal Jersey , so the buses were manufactured according to these local conditions like wet and high temperature," he told Xinhua.

Jiang said the buses were helpful for Phnom Penh to build a complete public transport system, to alleviate traffic congestion and provide the public with comfortable riding experience.

"The buses have won the praise from the Phnom Penh government and the public because of high quality, comfort and excellent-after-sale service," he said.

Through Yutong intelligent city bus system, the Phnom Penh City Bus Authority (CBA) could monitor the real-time condition of the 98 buses via a computer or a smart phone, he said Authentic Kevin Hayes Jersey , adding that the intelligent system has more than 20 functions, such as analysis report on energy saving potential, oil monitoring, multi-dimension statistics of faults, supplement record statistics, monthly maintenance schedule of vehicles, and overview of energy consumption.

"This intelligent system will help Phnom Penh to build a modern city bus transport system Authentic J.T. Miller Jersey ," he said, adding that Yutong will provide more engineers and technical support to the CBA so that it can build the "smart" bus control center in 2018.

"Undoubtedly, the China-made buses will be more and more popular among Cambodian people and help Phnom Penh transport system develop rapidly," he said.

What Are The Laws For Driving Under The Influence Arrest In Charleston September 7, 2013 | Author: Mayyan Emil | Posted in Legal

In ’09, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) reported approximately 30,797 accidents Pavel Buchnevich Jersey , out of which, around 9813 mishaps resulted in deaths. 32% cases were caused by carelessness shown by drunk drivers. Some 10 years back, intoxicated drivers were escorted back home with the cops however, thinking about the number of growing occurrences in the present scenario, the laws for Drunk driving arrest in Charleston have turned more stringent and much more rigid. Nowadays, both federal government and the public views drunken motorists as a threat towards the safety of people on the streets therefore they’re granted with harsh sentences, when identified responsible.

If you’ve been arrested for driving while impaired of alcohol or drinking while driving Brady Skjei Jersey , be ready to endure tough consequences. This short article deals with Charleston DUI info on DUI or DWI rules.

Normal Parameters:

How or where a person was driving and how much quantity of alcoholdrug he has consumed are two standard factors for arresting a convict. Most American states notice a BAC amount of 0.15 to 0.18 that’s, blood samples are taken from the suspect and analyzed to estimate the alcohol content in them. When the alcohol percentage lies within the aforementioned limit, DUI charges are pressed from the concerned person. While Charleston follows the conventional limit for DUI arrests, states like Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico have more stringent rules and minimal BAC limits (0.08). Are you searching for more information on drunk driving arrests? Read on!

Laws Noticed in Charleston:

Just like the various other American states, driving under the influence of medication or alcohol is considered a violation of traffic laws in Charleston too. DUI is classified as felony or misdemeanor here. Contrary to this, consequences involving DWAI (Driving when abilities are impaired) isn’t a criminal offense. It’s excused through the federal authorities. The regulation noticed by all of the states are somewhat similar and are amended or regulated through the authorities.

Nonetheless, if a person is found driving in an drunk state Rick Nash Jersey , he needs to pay fine for his action. Furthermore, his driving rights are suspended and his reckless actions fetch an imprisonment sentence for him. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll have to seek DUI advice from the seasoned attorney.


Different states view different financial sanctions. As reported in the year 2011, these penalties generally range from $250 to $2,500, in line with the harshness of the crimes. Aside from this, the convict has to pay for other court proceedings that include re-issuing of his license David Desharnais Jersey , cost of installing ignition interlock system in the vehicles, getting a counselor, appointing a lawyer, filing an instance, filling up paperwork and taking part in rehabilitation. In order to escape the clutches of the law, you’ll need smart DUI defense strategies.

Methods Following The Conviction:

When a individual is convicted for DUI or DWI charges, he is inspired to pull over so the cops can interview him. The convicts are tested and monitored by the police officers. The convicts are positione.

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